About Fincon

Our Business Services

FinconOne is a one stop shop approach gives you a single touch point for everything you need to keep your accounting and Compliance . No more worrying about compliance in Finance or taxes or monthly book closings; no more managing multiple vendors for finance and accounting.

You can even get part-time CFO services for help with raising the next round of financing. We cover all essential Business Services so you get a single, well-coordinated source taking care of all your back office needs.

We understand and anticipate the specific challenges you’ll face, from timely  accounting of Revenue and expenses  to staying compliant with local requirements. While you focus on mastering a new market for your business, we’ll help you to account  all your expenses and Income in timely manner so that you stay update on your Business numbers.

Why Choose us ?

One-Stop Shop

Only FinconOne offers all the essential accounting and compliance services needed to maintain a company. You now have a single, trusted resource for everything from part-time CFO services and accounting, to payroll and any other back-office activities.

Process Rigor

We leverage technology to create highly efficient and seamless workflows. We process the data in your Business applications and you have to just approve or reject the transactions. In case you do not have any accounting ERP, we have our arrangements with mid size to large size ERP vendors who can install state of art systems for your accounting and MIS view without any disruption.


We’re with you at every stage. Our strategic advice and efficient services in finance & accounting, Compliance, and Audit matters enable us to escort early-stage companies through transformation into large enterprises or successful exits.