Assurance and Compliance Services

We can help you address issues around your control environment by providing a range of assurance solutions designed to increase your level of comfort (or provide re-assurance) that your Controls are Operating effectively and there are no chances of fraud and error.

We also practice Compliance to Company laid down policies such as Travel Claims Policy, Expenses Claim Policy, Vendor Selection Policy and Purchase Policy. We carry out several kinds of Transactional audits which can provide assurance and can avoid financial loss.

Transactional , Operational  and Financial Reviews
Comprehensive review of a department, program, and/or processes to evaluate fundamental business practices, to ensure adequate internal controls exist and procedures are efficient, effective, and in compliance with policies, procedures, and applicable regulatory requirements.

Compliance Reviews
Review to measure adherence of a department, program, and/or process with established rules and regulations (e.g., Federal/State laws and regulations, sponsored program, and contract requirements).

Identify facts and circumstances of possible fraud or misappropriation of assets.

Information Systems Reviews
Review the effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, integrity, availability, compliance, and reliability of data, programs, and controls for Information Technology and Systems User rights and roles.