Covid impacts going concern assessments

Audit companies have heeded Financial Reporting Council (FRC) recommendations to enforce extra measures to beautify their assessment of groups’ going problem exams throughout the pandemic, an overview via way of means of the regulator has been determined.

The FRC checked out a pattern of 11 audits of the going problem exams executed via way of means of the seven biggest UK audit companies. The overview determined that the extra regulations and processes added in advance withinside the 12 months have been extensively carried out in exercise.

The auditors tested the appropriate stage of the project to organize forums and control approximately their key assumptions, pressure checking out, and disclosures withinside the economic statements.

In a few cases, auditors had to enhance their attention to the going problem evaluation period, which now no longer usually clear, and their technique to check out the integrity of the forecasting models.

David Rule, the FRC’s government director of supervision, stated: ‘The pervasive and unsure effect of Covid-19 has made assessing whether or not groups have a cloth uncertainty to going problem an awful lot greater hard for lots of forums and their auditors.

‘No one has a crystal ball, however, buyers do count on suitable attention and disclosure of uncertainties.

‘From the pattern of audits reviewed, the FRC determined that auditors had more advantageous processes whilst auditing control’s going problem evaluation. The audit processes have been proportionate to the dangers dealing with the groups, with numerous relying at the effect of Covid-19 on their businesses.’

The FRC stated in its letter to heads of audit at companies that its overview additionally consists of regions of excellent exercise with the intention to be applicable for all audit companies project going problem exams, particularly for the imminent December 2020 12 months cease audits.