Effective techniques to outsource your life as a freelancer

Today, we are all tackling a common question. We can’t do everything, nearly every single day to manage our life. We are now going to show you exactly how we should value the investment of our time energy. You are going to learn major things that you can get when outsource. Hopefully, they’ll get your wheels turning.

Firstly there’s a whole lot of little dust bunnies and my feet feel like a petri dish by the end of the day. So keep a house cleaning person. So I like to run that number to take notes on calls as a small business owner. I rely on calls over the Internet for meetings and to service our clients now, I’ll jot down notes during meetings. But when I need greater detail, I’ll turn to a cool tool called Rev.

Rev, the website is so much better than any person that I found on fiverr.com or any websites like that. It costs about a dollar a minute to transcribe your video audio files, which is a pretty low enough price point, if you wanted to bake it into your client at Price Point on their packages that something that you could be able to do. For example, I’ve used it with onboarding Brides when I was servicing Brides for calligraphy sweets, so I can really focus on them and listen to what they were asking for. I’ve also used it for more deep dad calls with my copyright. Writing client so I’m really able to listen in and build out their email tunnels.

 Let’s talk about scheduling calls. I hate all that back and forth that where’s our calling and don’t forget. We have a call tomorrow not to mention the email ping pong or even finding a time that seeks with both parties security has been my go-to virtual secretary for this for a while. Then comes grocery shopping. You hear this little cold while the other day, I was sick. The baby was sick and we were coming out at the doctor and I needed to go to the grocery store to stock up on Gatorade chicken noodle soup and meds and all that kind of stuff at that moment the idea of getting the car seat out the whole nine yards going into the grocery store.

I just sounded miserable cost of Life. They remember paying bucks for somebody to do that for me something a lot better option now here I’m talking about instacart and Amazon Prime. Now, those are the two tools that we use all the time for this. We also do have a little family of a little bit unless the order is true about 70 or $80. So don’t do this so that it day when I did this past sick that was out of them were essentially we just use it for the Pershing Hall not times during the week. When you need to run again. Also, this tool has kept me from hitting random things into my car.

And as I walk along and show the aisle of the grocery store next are administrative tasks and project management. So I buckled down and hired a virtual assistant who hates not only to manage my inbox schedules appointments and pretty much knows more about the heartbeat of the business than I do because she was really looking at every single thing that’s coming in each day. She reads all my e-mails Flags them for follow-up. So I know what I did respond to when I get in but she also responds to things that she could handle this frees me up to get that Solitude and white space to write to create to think in to set the vision for the business has even become more of a project manager as her role has grown over the past year. So that’s my encouragement to you on this one. If you are interested in growing your team, maybe this is something that you could start with. That’s what I did further, but keeping and payroll.  Yes, my students inside the art of it.

You know that I say I think you need to know enough about something to be dangerous before you hand it off to somebody else. I think that helps you figure out the price of what it’s worth. But keeping it like this for me before I paid to have this done in my business. I would meticulously every single Friday spend a good two to three hours trying to track all my finances and making sure my clients and pain. This is a good goal of something that you can set to get off your plate. If you have it already, having steadfast bookkeeping involved in my business means that I can at a high level. Look at my pianos, the numbers. I want to track and monitor the budget so I can make financial decisions for my business when it comes to categorizing all the different expenses like a little flash drive that I ordered on the Internet or even just talk. I’m the accounts to look for any weird expenditures that are going on all that.

This one is kind of new to me. Now. I’m a voracious reader which many of you may know but I didn’t really get into audiobooks until last month my sister-in-law and nobody told me about this. He tapped Libby, essentially a news punch in your library card digits and you’re able to log in. So yes, it’s true. I don’t love reading books digitally, but I do like listening to read. So what I’m hoping for is laundry or washing bottles or even just soaking in the tub.

I’ll put on my headphones and knock out a chapter of a book and yell the last one – editing a friend texted me yesterday and asked if I edit these videos. No, I did a little contract with my team who does all the post-production editing of these videos and even posts them online. Again, this is an example of something that gets me out of the weeds out of the part. I hate it and it lets me focus on what I actually really loved. But what I want to note here is that I wasn’t even very good at editing which brings me to my question for you. Is there a part of your client experience or workflow or your content creation that you’re not even really that good at but first true team member was my mom and I brought her onto my calligraphy business because I needed somebody to spell check and look at every single envelope that I calligraphed.


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