How COVID-19 is impacting Indian corporate reporting

In associate degree surroundings wherever stakeholders are seeking data on disruption of the current monetary standing of a corporation thanks to COVID-19, company coverage is maybe the sole dependable medium to assemble this data.

As we have a tendency to move through phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s evident that a lot of our clients’ businesses are making ready to come to physical workplaces. All stakeholders are assessing a company’s ability to not solely generating timely coverage however additionally its ability to supply clear, comprehensive, and future-looking monetary and non-financial details for maintaining trust in these unsure times.

Corporate coverage is vital to sharing associate degree organizations’ worth creation stories with investors. Critically, it’s additionally key to earning the trust of investors and different stakeholders. In associate degree surroundings once stakeholders are seeking data on the disruptions of the current monetary standing of associate degree organization thanks to COVID-19, trust is crucial, and company coverage is maybe the sole medium for gathering this kind of data. However, this pandemic has placed corporate/financial coverage below the spotlight to gauge however robust, agile, economical, and technologically equipped a company’s financial performance and investors’ communications.

There is a shift in capitalist communication methods, content, and frequency by varied corporates throughout COVID times. The pandemic has pushed capitalist communication to newer heights by creating the company world answerable on several indicators aside from solely monetary numbers.  With SEBI asserting extra revealing necessities thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a necessity for firms to provide adequate disclosures.

Our monetary accounting consultatory services (FAAS) apply has researched March quarter coverage of prime mad cow disease three hundred Indian firms and a hundred and fifteen international firms spanning over twelve sectors to gauge and summarize the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on their coverage calendar, profitableness, monetary position, liquidity, disclosures, and different key parameters.

The publication showcases a high-level analysis of the general sectoral level and doesn’t plan to give in-depth thoroughgoing analysis or conclusive views on the impacts of the eruption. Our analysis relies exclusively on data offered within the property right.

Indian company coverage of the March quarter has witnessed the impact of COVID-19 and changes in different macro-economic factors across sectors. Pandemic’s tangible potential impacts are also contextualized additionally in times to return. 

Planning for ensuing

As corporations around the world still ride this sudden wave, it’s encouraging that the world is gaping and making an attempt to regain the momentum because it was before the pandemic.

The globe has modified in many ways associate degreed monetary coverage isn’t an exception. thanks to the pandemic, the involuntary positive impact on the surroundings is driving a shift towards a larger focus around property organizations and coverage round the same. We have a tendency to also see associate degree uptake in advanced technologies together with a vast shift in behavioral changes with regard to however firms traumatize monetary coverage, management coverage, controls, and additionally, their communication with the stakeholders.

Since capitalist communication cannot stay restricted to past performance, organizations started specializing in human activity wider and art movement agendas around reframed and realigned business strategy, technological state, values, social responsibility, property and folks priorities as a response to the new tradition. Several corporates are developing new metrics to report the impact of the pandemic and are editing their neutral communication strategy.

Thinking on the far side

  • Building resilient finance perform

Data and smarter technologies have revolutionized organizations’ approaches to operating. nonetheless, once it involves finance, there’s heaps of space for improvement in terms of investing in digital technologies. Sometimes, this can be as a result of organizations’ aboard systems aren’t sufficiently machine-driven

  • Finance for the longer term through digital transformation

Technology and digital transformation still are central to the art movement style and vision for finance. Across industries and sectors, technologies like advanced knowledge analytics, robotics, blockchain, and computer science (AI) are making new opportunities and driving finance transformation. Organizations ought to be as tumultuous and innovative whereas wondering about investing in technology for finance. this can be not close to reducing prices however additionally up monetary performance. Once organizations trust their finance knowledge and are ready to generate multi-faceted KPIs, they need the potential to remodel their operations and unlock worth additionally.


Companies got to appraise their capitalist communication methods to hide key parameters, whereas still observe its speedily evolving nature and scope.