How to reduce the pandemic impact on employees: A guide for company leaders

Over the past 2 months, the COVID-19 virus has spread to all or any continent except the Antarctica continent, infecting folks in several countries around the world. because the virus spreads, society, economy, and business are being wedged.

How to minimize the impact on employees, its performance results, and, most significantly, on workers – these are the most problems with concern for each company leader.

A recent Deloitte survey conducted among over 1,000 respondents from corporations operative in China shows that the epidemic can adversely have an effect on sales volume and money flows moreover because of the ability to serve clients/consumers and manage the business. important risks additionally embody guaranteeing the security of workers getting back from vacations and business journeys, difficulties associated with the offer of raw materials, lack of tools for organizing remote work.

Company executives additionally indicate that COVID-19 can have an impression on the performance potency of organizations: forty-sixth of respondents expect a discount in performance targets in 2020.

So what measures are thought-about most significant and appropriate? supported by the results of Deloitte’s analysis conducted in similar things within the past (particularly, throughout the respiratory disorder epidemic), we tend to advocate taking a variety of measures.



  • Companies ought to think about the likelihood of creating an avid cross-functional team (a business response and continuity office). The acceptable cross-functional team may coordinate the activities of various business units, monitor and supply the required info to the senior management team for additional communication with workers, customers, and partners.


  • It is time to investigate the crucial roles and key positions, moreover on verify a team of interim successors just in case of tragedy. Prime management is commonly away on business journeys associate degreed there’s a magnified risk that some workers might not be obtainable within the workplace because of quarantine or sickness. the businesses ought to develop an efficient method of management deciding below varied eventualities.


  • Determine however your company goes to confirm the security of workers World Health Organization have to be compelled to be at work and can’t work remotely (e.g., look, assistants, cashiers, drivers, etc.). the business are reviewing their policies for maintaining sensible hygiene within the geographical point, providing disinfectants, etc.


  • Analyze the priority of your company’s projects: focus your teams’ efforts on the foremost vital and significant tasks. permit additional flexibility with low-priority tasks.


  • Ensure effective communication with workers. however, leaders behave throughout crucial moments leaves a long-lasting mark on their corporations and folks. Therefore, standardized and effective communication and interaction with workers will strengthen the corporate and enhance its culture. keep in mind to think about the longer term. If there’s disruption, there’ll even be recovery.


  • Consider implementing versatile and remote work choices (82% of respondents explicit  the importance of this approach). college quarantine, quarantine once business trips– all this will add stress and increase burden on your workers. you wish to reply to the wants of your personnel. Be ready for magnified absence. think about getting ready temporary succession plans for key government positions and significant roles in your business.


  • Share the up-to-date and relevant info concerning COVID-19 symptoms and sickness hindrance recommendations among company workers. Use solely credible sources of knowledge, like the globe Health Organization. you’ll be able to establish an avid hotline or conduct a series of remote seminars with relevant health professionals to facilitate question and answer sessions together with your workers.


  • Consider providing psychological and support to your workers, like emergency help, extra sum, regular payroll payments.


  • Focus on organizing a secure work environment: purchase of medical instrumentation and provides (e.g., thermometers, antibacterial drug products), self-monitoring of employees’ health, and medical care of workplaces.


  • Some foreign businesses have already reviewed their leave policies. above all, they supply for a brief absence from work because of sickness while not the requirement to produce doctor’s notes for absences.


  • Develop and communicate clear rules and obligations for workers in the World Health Organization area unit in danger (those World Health Organization traveled abroad for private reasons or were on business trips). These embody the need for a 14-day self-isolation of such workers and the cancellation of all conferences with the shoppers and coworkers.


  • Companies ought to make sure the safety of operating environments by completely improving and disinfecting workplaces. Within the event that an associate degree worker is suspected of being infected with COVID-19, a transparent method should be in situ for removing that worker from the ability, and for the correct treatment of the ability.


  • Update your travel and meeting policies. For organizations with high travel desires, particularly to international destinations, assessing the impact of the epidemic on travel is critical as travel has been joined to the transmission of COVID-19. corporations ought to actively monitor the newest travel steering from the govt, review their travel policies, and be ready to trace and communicate with travelers. Another thought is that the risk of your workers being stranded aloof from their home locations because of the imposition of travel restrictions by governments around the world, and therefore the degree to which you discourage personal international travel.


  • Make sure that your social media policy is correctly outlined for this crisis. It ought to give clear pointers with relation to however workers will point out your business and therefore the impact of COVID-19 on operations and worker health and safety. give workers with an enclosed communication to report what they’re seeing and feeling at intervals the organization to confirm direct communication as another to social media. At constant time, an efficient social media programme might assist you to spot rising problems that are moving your customers, markets, and production regions.


  • Consider the sources of knowledge within the geographical point. information within the media has created explicit challenges for organizations responding to virus happening. Employers ought to become the supply of correct, timely, and acceptable info for his or her workers. think about making your own news channel within the geographical point supported by credible sources of knowledge.

Planning of manpower ways

  • Work through the foremost tough eventualities (for example, if there’s a necessity to shut offices or some production lines) and prepare acceptable communications for your workers before. Your task is to produce a constructive response, and not a chaotic communication with workers, or no communication in the slightest degree.
  • Consider potential eventualities for temporary workers reduction (for example, through the introduction of unpaid vacation, as was the case with the Ukrainian employers in 2008-2009). However, be terribly cautious concerning creating harsh, less-traveled choices concerning personnel reduction. The crisis can pass, however, inappropriate choices or behavior of company leaders in an exceedingly time of crisis can have a long-lasting negative impact on business.

Despite all the risks and stress, it’s vital to recollect that we’ve faced crises like this within the past. 1st of all, it’s a challenge for the company’s culture and management practices. If you think that individuals are the foremost valuable plus to your business, then you have got to speak, plan, and be consistent. Show up for your workers and support them.

At the tip of the day, we tend to be all human, and each one among the United States of America is also wedged by COVID-19. Now’s the time for company leaders to steer for the security and welfare of their folks.