The Impact of COVID-19 on the Lease Accounting Standard

COVID-19 is impacting leases in an exceedingly kind of way. Thankfully, the Money Accounting Standards Board (FASB) granted an annual delay for applying ASC Topic 842, Leases. Otherwise, contractors would have loaded a lot to think about once accounting for leases. 

THE LEASE accounting principle

Generally, all contractors (lessees) that lease assets like assets, instrumentation or vehicles should be in compliance with ASC 842. It needs that capital and operating leases are recognized on the record. Former capital leases can currently be treated as finance leases.

The “right-of-use” worth of property or instrumentation should be recorded as associate degree quality and therefore the gift worth of regular lease payments as a liability. right-of-use assets embrace initial direct prices, like legal fees, advanced payments, and lease incentives.

This ASC applied to connected party leases supporting the lawfully enforceable terms of the agreement. short-run leases of twelve months or less that don’t embrace associate degree choice to renew are also exempt.

Private company contractors could apply the lease commonplace for business years starting once Dec. 15, 2021, and to interim periods at intervals business years starting once Dec. 15, 2022. Early application is allowed.

IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE LEASE accounting principle

The ability to gather and pay rents, in addition to lease obligations, affects lease accounting and compliance with ASC 842. reckoning on the case, contractors could have to be compelled to modify the treatment of rent concessions. As an example, contracts with a vis major clause will offer relief to the renter. The tenant could record it as a variable lease payment. while not this clause, the group action can have to be compelled to be recorded as a lease modification. 

The FRS lowered interest rates in response to the pandemic. The new leasing commonplace needs firms to use either the charge per unit underlying the lease or the progressive borrowing rate (IBR) to calculate the lease liability. Lower interest rates increase the calculated quantity of a lessee’s right-of-use assets and lease liabilities which is able to impact the IBR. This should be accounted for on a company’s record.

The value of the business property and alternative assets can be but it had been before COVID-19. ASC 842 needs firms to match the net gift worth of lease payments to the property’s truthful worth to satisfy the standard’s lease classification tests. It can be troublesome to search out valid comparables throughout the pandemic to create a good assessment.

According to Investopedia, “impairment describes a permanent reduction within the worth of a company’s quality, generally {a fixed|a hard associate degreed fast|a set} quality or an asset.” COVID-19 caused the impairment of undervalued right-of-use assets. ASC 842 needs that a distinct amortization calculation is employed for impaired assets.

Leases are also part or utterly terminated. ASC 842 permits contractors to scale back the right-of-use assets proportionate to the reduction within the lease liability or within the lease area. Either way, the amendment should be updated on the lease amortization schedule.


A lease concession is once the tenant changes the terms of the initial lease like posing for a rent reduction. A lease modification may be an amendment within the scope of the initial contract like leasing less area. ASC 842 needs changes within the terms of a lease and are treated otherwise. 

FASB ruled that it’s acceptable for entities to treat any lease changes created as a result of the pandemic as a lease concession instead of a lease modification. This election is offered for concessions associated with the consequences of the COVID-19 that don’t lead to a considerable increase within the rights of the owner or the obligations of the tenant. This election is offered for concessions that lead to the whole payments needed by the changed contract being well similar to or but total payments needed by the initial contract.

Some concessions can offer a deferral of payments with no substantive changes to the thought within the original contract. Contractors will account for the concessions if no changes to the lease contract were created or account for the delayed payments as variable lease payments.

The International Accounting Standards Board has not planned delays to the International money reportage Standards (IFRS) sixteen. That lease commonplace is effective for personal firms for business years starting once Dec. 15, 2020. Public firms were needed to fit the leasing commonplace for business years starting once Dec. 15, 2018.

Private contractors with international operations and reportage obligations below IFRS should be able to adopt IFRS sixteen below the standard’s original timeline. These firms ought to contemplate implementing the ASC 842 at a similar time.