Know everything about US tax payroll on Fincon

How to complete payroll on Fincon?

So the first thing we do once you log into your Fincon account you’ll want to go up to the payroll tab and click the pay employees button all right now yours will look something like this – to pay run history so it’ll be quite a blank screen so you want to hit add pay run and select the pay period. Now you likely only have one payroll calendar and the unscheduled option so if you’ve set your payroll calendar up correctly it should appear in here so select that and click OK now the employees that shop on here.

When you set them up when you first set them up under their employees’ file so when you added them in here you would have had the option of adding in the payroll calendar to their file. So depending on what payroll calendar they’re on you should only have one calendar and if they’ve been added to that and that is the one you have selected for the payroll they will automatically appear in that pay run on occasion sometimes they’ll be on ticked so It might appear like this with their names crossed out all you need to do is just tick the circle to the right and add them in so if when you’ve set them up under their employee file you would have edited a paid template. So if you’ve put in the hours and the pay rate in that template and that is not going to change from week to week that’ll look that will appear in this payroll.

So for casual employees, you might have only put in the pay rate unless the hours blank and you just enter the hours manually each week as per how many hours they do all right. We can see here for Odette that she is like she likely does 35 hours a week every week all right so that automatically fills out her tanks her superannuation and it gives you a total figure. Here like a net payment that you need to pay her and direct into her bank account and if you’ve applied and you’ll leave and sick leave that will automatically calculate. Here as well it will automatically adjust depending on if you change the hours if you’ve set it up as we think it’s calculated and you’ll leave or annual percentages if you set it up to calculate as per what the hours are all right. So we would go saver next and that would take you to the next employee once that first one is correct so here we have Tracy she must be casual and we need to just enter in her and hours manually so let’s give her 20 hours so that calculates at 640.

We just need the tax is populated now and superannuation is there as well and that has automatically calculated her leave that she’s owed this pay. So we would hit save and then close then you can see the list of all the employees in that pay run once that is all correct you would say postpay run, yes and if you’ve opted in for a single touch payroll you will see a fire button. Here so once that is filed or you just need to authorize that and submit to ATO and you can see that that is pending there all right now once that’s submitted that will change to approved. All right so after that, we can send employees payslips so we click on the Pay Run options and go email payslips and you just click email payslips another option is actually just to clarify that when you do a pay run it doesn’t automatically get paid to the employees. A lot of people think that once it’s processed it automatically comes out of your bank account at this stage it does not do that yet so you have to manually pay your employees I’m if you’ve got a lot of employees it can be easy just to download an ABA file and upload that to your bank account as a multiple funds transfer I’ll see you that can be a nice quick and easy way to pay heaps of people all in the one go we think that is it that is how to do payroll.

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