The Fincon bookkeeping team is experienced and efficient in ensuring your data is processed accurately and promptly so you’ve got access to timely reports and knowledge.

Outsourcing your day-to-day bookkeeping isn’t an onerous or difficult task. As a part of the found out, we’ll discuss and agree on the way to make the connection work well, defining roles and responsibilities for both parties, matching our staff to the proper contact in your offices. Once routines are established, the connection will quickly become an easy operation where everyone knows their role.

Whilst it’s not a pre-requisite, we typically use Sage 50 to manage our clients’ accounts because it may be a well-established system with reports which are deemed to be industry standard. We do use other systems where the client’s businesses require us to try to so and therefore the advent of cloud-based accounting software has seen a rise in the number of applications we use. If there’s no preference, however, we’ll use Sage 50 because it’s efficient and allows us to supply you with the proper information when required. All our systems are regularly protected for your peace of mind and if required we’ll happily share your back-ups with you for sake keeping.

In terms of management information and reporting, we will be flexible to satisfy your needs. If you merely need a Profit and Loss (P&L) statement and a record then that’s fine, but if you need more detailed analysis and regular updates on debtors and creditors, we will do that too. All reporting requirements are going to be agreed upon at the outset of our relationship.


The purpose of bookkeeping is to record all the financial transactions of the business in order that reports are often produced, and year-end accounts are often prepared. As a business owner, you’ve got options available regarding who does the bookkeeping for your business:

Fincon you (or a member of your team) or an external bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Option 1 – Fincon provide a full service

The great advantage of us doing the work is that we’ll know that the books are in great shape and prepared to be used for VAT returns and accounts preparation. Our bookkeepers are fully trained and have access to senior members of the team for query resolution.

Bookkeeping Option 2 – You (a member of your team or an external bookkeeper) provides Fincon with the info:

If you are doing the bookkeeping, then altogether probability you’ll use accounting software (E.g. Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Free Agent), or Excel. If you’re keen to try to do the maximum amount of work as possible, we propose you ask us:

Bookkeeping with accounting software

The processes and checks that we’ll expect to finish if you’ve got not done so. By way of example, bank reconciliations and VAT reconciliations got to be completed, as do reviews of the Sales and buy Ledgers.

Bookkeeping using Excel

How to present the info to us in order that our time is optimized. it’s likely that we’ll get to do some bookkeeping to organize an attempt Balance, but our charges are going to be minimized if you provide data in a way that it’s easy for us to select up and use. a method of achieving minimal input from us would be to use our Excel template.

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