Process Re-Engineering, Documentation and Automation

What’s In It for You: Benefits of Process Documentation

Fincon assists the Businesses to get everyone on the same page by providing a common view of the process steps in accounting operations. A common view is necessary for consistency. The internal controls can be well assessed if the Process document is clear and concise. Also, Process documentation helps to identify ideal conditions for effective collaboration and performance.

The biggest benefit of Documentation is that it helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes (even in those “well-refined” procedures) that may otherwise go unnoticed and may lead to Fraud and loss of funds. A clearly documented process saves time and prevents errors by removing any confusion and by providing clear instructions. Decreases costs and unnecessary spending of resources. It helps to increase Accounting staff productivity as well as satisfaction. Since it is clearly recorded how processes should be carried out, it makes it easier to outsource work. Process documentation also helps easily automate processes when needed.

We offer the following services in the area of Finance Process Management.

  1. Preparation of flow charts, Standard Operating procedures (SOP).
  2. Process re-engineering.
  3. Development of Accounting Manuals.
  4. Develop Book closing Programs with a sequence of activities.
  5. Detection of Control weaknesses and publishing reports.
  6. Implement Technology in processes.
  7. Implement Quality Checks in process steps.
  8.  Waste Management