Technology and Automation Services

The core of Fincon is Technology usage in Finance. We are a new age Company that relies heavily on Tech based processes in Finance to achieve

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Internal Control
  • Data Security
  • Business Continuity

We provide the following services to mid size and Large Companies:

IT Application Procurement support

Having the right accounting and finance applications in place to run your accounting and finance operations is vital. If you get it wrong the mistakes can be costly and you may burn the mid night oil in completing your work. When you require a new solution it is easy to find a list of vendors who will all tell you that they offer the best solution, but are you asking the right questions? We can help you in evaluating Finance Department requirements, and can assist and  evaluate a  list of Technology solutions which can fit into your Size of Operations and Business.

Technology Product Implementation Support

Digital transformation is improving business performance, driving product strategies, and enabling innovation – all while creating competitive advantages to enhance revenue. These benefits, however, are fraught with additional risks, including cybersecurity, digital currency, and a range of regulatory-driven compliance concerns.

Far from a straightforward business necessity, IT presents opportunities to make businesses operate more efficiently. By leveraging technology investments to work seamlessly with people and processes, companies can advance their larger business goals.

Fincon Technology Advisory Practice comes from a diverse range of backgrounds, and includes IT and Finance operations professionals. Our teams work closely with clients to deliver sustainable business results scaled and tailored to the unique dynamics of their Accounting and Finance Operations and the individual needs of their Reporting requirements. Although different for each organization, optimal  solutions align risk protection investments with digital asset value to improve performance and efficiency.

We offer following services in automation and Technology.

  • Develop workflow applications for managing manual work.
  • Develop data Visualization to get insight into a Business.
  • Implement Robotics solutions to cut the manual steps.
  • Evaluate discrete systems and consolidate them into a single solution.
  • Develop data warehousing strategies for Finance and accounting.
  • Implement Fraud detection using technology.
  • Governance and Risk Management systems implementation.
  • Develop Desktop solutions for automating multiple excel files work.