What do you mean by Finance Transformation?

Clients always ask us what is finance. What does it mean to transform that sounds so big and that sounds like such a daunting task? 


Truth be told finance transformation comes in a lot of forms and fashions. And typically in the market right now we’re seeing that derived from either a change in leadership or organizational structure a seismic business event. That might be leading to this transformation just a general need for process improvement or technology enablement what things differentiate work or Franklin’s approach. It is done to finance transformation. 


  • The first is precision we look at the event or issue and stabilize the situation. 
  • The second is speed rapid response is important during times of economic stress.
  • Number three in addition to achieving the vision of the client and what it actually needs to be accomplished and for scalability the ability to leverage tools, people, process, and technology. 


Execute effectively for the client when Morgan Franklin begins a finance transformation engagement with our client. We really want to focus on the strategic outcomes that our clients are looking to achieve and mapping those to the gaps that we are finding in either current people process data or technology. To ensure and align our delivery against the core areas of need for our client questions. That you should ask yourself before you embark on a finance transformation. 


We can think of three really important ones the first is how do I know that the investment is worth it. Second is how much time do I and the people that work for me need to put into this. The third is how do I get buy-in from my people. And it’s really important that you answer these questions upfront before you commit yourself. 

If the people that come to you and want to help you don’t have answers to those questions you shouldn’t hire them for client success as it is all about having a lasting impact but ultimately doing what we said. We were going to do they hired us for a reason and we want clients to recognize not only the potential of their teams in their organizations but the potential within themselves. 

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